You can add, remove or modify your alerts

You can add, remove or modify your alerts

In order to access the Alerts, go to login  in

  • Click on the figure icon on the top right

  • Click on "Alerts"

You can add, remove or modify your alerts


On the right of each alert, click on the pencil to modify or click on the bin to remove

Click on Create an alert to add one :  

  1. On the last name
  2. A person (you have the name of the possible parents)
  3. A couple
  4. Add places or period if you wish

If you are alerted and by clicking you don’t see results, increase the filters on the news filter : take 30 days instead of 7.
Between the calculation of the alerts, the sending and the reading, there can be differences in the dates or trees can be remove or add.

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