What does the Premium subscription include ?

What does the Premium subscription include ?

The Premium subscription gives you access to all research results , as archives indexed by Filae and direct access to the records. 

·         Access to exclusive digital archives based on name

·         Civil records digitalized and indexed of all France (1792 to 1905)

·         Parish records digitalized and indexed (18th century)

·         Censuses digitalized in France (1872 and 1906)

·         Military archives : prisoners of war, distinguished soldiers ...

·         Bulletin of laws : civil pensions, naturalizations, patents ...

·         Marriage in Paris : reconstruction of the marriage certificates (1613 to 1805)

·         European civil records from Algeria (1830 to 1904)

·         Consult other original genealogical sources

·         Index of genealogical society

·         Various historical collections

·         Militaria and decorations

·         Discover millions trees

·         Enjoy the search already done by other users and find ancestors, family pictures or distant cousin

·         Simplify your research

·         High-performance patronymic search engine

·         One research to access all the datas

·         Advance and personalized search filters

·         Cross-seraches (spouse, parent)

·         Wildcards to extend your searches

·         Taking into account all the spellings of a last name

·         Cartographic research (100% of geo-localized data)

·         Personalized archiving of documents

·         Automatically enrich your tree

·         Automatic detector of genealogical hints linked to your tree

·         Advanced function of import and update of Gedcom

·         Simple and quick import of the consulted records in your tree

·         Personalized alerts

·         Benefit from Filae guarantees

·         Certified and sourced information

·         Daily update of the genealogical datas online

·         Respect of the confidentiality of the  datas

·         Responsive support

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        Connect to your account on the website.. ·         Click on the figure icon. ·         Click on My account. Click on Subscription on the left ·         You have all the information you need
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        ·         Connect to your account  ·         Click on the figure icon. ·         Click on My account. ·         Click on Subscription on the left. ·         Click on Cancel.
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