How to find records despite the changing spelling of the names ?

How to find records despite the changing spelling of the names ?

Discover all the tools available in the search to take into account all the variants and evolutions of a last name. The last names are indeed written very differently from an record to another but thanks to the filters and the wildcards, you avoid to miss an essential record.

Are you sure of the spelling of your last name ?

The spelling begins to really set in the late nineteenth century. Before we write what we hear. The names are spelled very differently from one record to another, sometimes with astonishing evolutions. Here are some different writings :

 If your grandmother was born ESNAULT, the name of his ancestors may have been written ENOT
You will see that é also written er or ez. The MORET last name is also spelled MOREZ or even MOREY...
I become Y and vice versa as for FARCI or FARCY
The o also written eau.  You'll have MORO and MOREAU.
We can also add a u with FICHOU or FICHO ... and even a x and you have FICHOUX !
In some regions, such as in Alsace, names are sometimes written in French or in the local language according to the records. Looking for a LE GUEN in Bretagne but did you think about LE BLANC in french ?

We are also not immune to an error in the civil status registry with a badly transcribed last name, Errare humanum est !

Display all spellings using filters

Filae offers you options so that you can find what you are looking for despite these random spellings. Launch your search and then simply change the filters on the last names to expand or restrict the display of results :

The exact name, the one entered as LONG
Contains the last name to take into account compound or particle names, exg AGASSE DIT LONG or LE LONG
The name and its phonetic variants: Filae displays them automatically. Enter DESCIEUX or you will DESCEUX, DESCIEU...

Multiply your chances with wildcards

That's not all ! Try combinaisons using wildcards :

Question mark ? replaces a letter.
The star * replaces several consecutive letters
These characters can be combined, but they cannot be placed at the beginning of a name. Some examples :

DUPONT or DUPOND ? For example, use the wildcard ? while writing DUPON?
If you put DUPON* you'll also have DUPONTEL or DUPONTET

Make your research easier

Remember, go to Settings to keep your favorite filter forthe last names.

Now it's up to you to find using all these possibilities !

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